President: Zoe Cook-Nadel  

Zoe Cook-Nadel is SPRUSY's chapter president for the 2012-2013  year. She is a junior at Jonathan Dayton High School, and is nvolved in a variety of school clubs such as italian club and Dayton's String orchestra. Zoe is very involved in USY on a chapter, regional, and international basis, as she also was a participant on a USY Summer Program, USY on Wheels. Zoe was SPRUSY's religion/education Vice President last year. She is very excited for this year full of new programming of all kinds and increase in membership. She hopes to have a great year with Springfield USY! 

Membership/Programing: Carolyn Singer 

     Carolyn Singer is a Junior at Jonathan Dayton High School. She has been in USY since the 6th grade and has loved it for as long as she can remember. She is interested in Movie Nights, Games Nights, and other interactive activities. She is very exited to be your 2012-2013 Membership Programing VP and hopes that she can make your time in Sprucy USY the best it can be. 

Communications: Julia Singer

      Julia Singer is a Junior at Jonathan Dayton High School in Springfield, NJ. Julia has been apart of USY since her freshman year and has fallen in love with it. Julia loves cheerleading, playing softball and has a passion for design. When ever she can she is reading up on the latest fashions and room design tips. Julia, the new Communications Vice President, hopes to make the 2012-2013 SPRUSY chapter as amazing as it can be with the help of all her board members. 

SA/TO: Mia Fishkin  

     Mia Fishkin is a Junior at the Union County Magnet High School. Mia is SPRUSY'S new SATO Vice President. SATO stands for Social Action Tikkun Olam, so Mia will be in charge of events that raise money for charity, help the needy, and heal the world. Mia has been in love with USY ever since she went to her first convention, Mid-Winter 2011. When she isn't at USY events, Mia spends her time dancing both recreationally and competitively, making friendship bracelets, and listening to music. Mia is looking forward to an amazing year with SPRUSY filled with awesome events and fun for everyone!

Israel Awareness: Talia Sion

 Talia Sion is a Junior at the Academy for Allied Health Sciences in Scotch Plains. She has been an active member of USY since sixth grade. Talia loves playing volleyball and volunteering at her JCC with her friends. She also loves visiting Israel to visit her dozens of family members and her good friends living there. Through her love and knowledge for Eretz Yisrael,Talia hopes to inspire every member of the SPRUSY chapter to learn about then love Israel. Talia is very excited to be on the chapter board as your Israel Awareness and help make it an amazing year!

Religious Education:  Cassidy Cargan 

Cassidy Cargan is a Sophomore at Jonathan Dayton High School in Springfield NJ. It is Cassidy‚Äôs first year being in USY. She loves USY very much. Cassidy loves swimming and listening, playing, and sometimes writing music. Cassidy is newly in charge of Religious Education. She hopes to have a great year ahead. 

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